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Unfinished Business Through Art and Writing Workshop:

Step 1:

No previous art experience is needed to participate.

Materials needed. Participants will have several options to choose from: 

- Paper for drawing or painting on, as well as any coloring or drawing tools of choice

- Blank paper to write on


- Any type of modeling clay or materials from nature to build a sculpture with


- A camera to take a photograph, or series of photographs.

In this workshop Kim will start with a brief guided grounding meditation and will then invite participants to create a visual representation of a person they have some unfinished business with (either in a drawing, painting, sculpture or photography format). 


When the image is completed, you will then have the opportunity to have a 2-way conversation with the image representation of the person, through a letter-writing exercise.

Step 2:

Use the following prompts to create the 2 letters:

Focus on the art image you have made and write a letter directly to the image created that is a representation of a person you have some unfinished business with.

​In your letter include:

  • What is unfinished for me is….

  • What happened between us (or what should have happened) is…

  • What I have never said to you before is…

  • How I feel toward you right now is…

  • What I would really like to see happen for us is…

  • Reaching closure (or a resolve) with you would mean…


Step 3:

Focus again on the art image, and now have it write a detailed letter of RESPONSE back to you.  If this image gave you an ideal response, what would it be? 

Kim Rogers- “Valkyrie Expressive Art Journeys”.

Journal Prompts for Past Self Item:

Aspects or events of my past self that this item represents are…

Aspects of my past self that this item reminds me to leave behind are…

Things about my past self that this item reminds me to bring forward are…

Journal Prompts for Present Self Item:

I chose this particular item to represent my present self because...

Aspects and personality traits of my present self that this item reminds me of are...

What is helping me in my life right now?

What do I want to bring forward with me into my future?


Journal Prompts for Future Self item:

This particular item represents my Future self because…

This item can remind me to work toward growing in the following ways…

If this item could speak encouraging words or advice to me about my future, it would say….